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Here I have compiled a list of all sorts of garden supplies I recommend. I have tried to find the best quality products that will last a long time. Please note that this page uses affiliate links. By buying through links on this page you help support the costs associated with running this blog and help enable me to continue to share free content for all without any annoying ads popping up!

SPF 50 for Face

One of my absolute gardening essentials!! It is even more important to wear a good SPF when spending lots of time outdoors. I adore this sun cream for my face, it’s so light and doesn’t leave you shiny. I wear it 365 days a year!

Haws Copper Indoor Watering Can

This is a bit of an extravagance but this is what I use to water my seedlings at home. It is so beautiful. I like to call it the Mulberry bag of watering cans.

Hydroponic Grow System

Live in a flat with no access to growing space? Or want fresh tomatoes in the middle of winter? Hydroponics are your best friend. They are expensive to buy but totally worth it if you have restricted access to outdoor space or would like the taste of fresh tomatoes in winter.

8ft Bamboo Canes

Bamboo canes are so useful for DIY plant supports. They are particularly great if you have an allotment and you don’t want to spend too much. This is a great price for them.

Okasune Secateurs

After lots of research these seem to come up on top as the best secateurs for a reasonable price. I use these ones and they are brilliant.

Razor Hoe

Razor hoes are the BEST hand hoe and have absolutely changed the game for me. Weeding is SO much easier using these incredible tools!

Dalefoot Wool Compost

The best multipurpose peat-free compost. I have sowed most of my seeds in this, only using seed compost for the smaller more delicate seeds (such as herbs and some flowers). It has kept my seedlings healthy for a long time without having to feed them. Expensive but totally worth it.


I use a dibber for planting out lots of different seedlings (from a 60 cell seed tray) and also for planting things like broad beans. It saves so much time dibbing instead of digging, plus it doesn’t disturb the soil as much!

250L Slimline Waterbutt

For those short on space this has a great capacity for a great price.

Waterbutt with Planter

Collecting rainwater is great for the planet and better for your plants. Although expensive, this is a great choice if you are concerned about how normal waterbutts look. Not one for the allotment but I’d love one in my own garden.


Great for support for climbing plants such as beans, tall peas and sweet peas.

Rose for nematodes

When using nematodes for pest control you’ll need a coarse watering can rose like this one.

Shade Netting

This shade netting is great for brassicas, keeping them safe from the birds, butterflies and also from the intense summer sun which helps prevent them bolting early.

Nematodes for slugs

For those who suffer with slug damage, this is the best organic control which is safe for wildlife. Nematodes are the only type of biological control I would use.

Round Aluminium Hoops

The small ones are perfect for 4ft wide beds. I use these for all sorts of vegetables.

Square Aluminium Hoops

I use these hoops with my shade netting for brassicas. It should be tall enough for most brassicas for most of the season (with the exception of Brussel Sprouts and early sown PSB!)


High quality veggiemesh that should last for years. This width is the right width for the round aluminium hoops I use.

30gsm fleece

The garden fleece I have been using. Quite expensive for fleece but it is much thicker and therefore more durable than the most commonly sold fleece. Mine has even survived 40-50mph winds.